CHRISTmas Time

     I haven’t written in quite some time. I’ve had plans to write, but find myself filling my schedule to the brim, and never having time to actually sit down to write them out… Making time to spend on yourself is so very important, and yet, so many of us, never clear an hour or two to just be us. Watch our favorite movie without interruption, go shopping at our favorite place, just because we feel like it, or much less, take time to just simply catch our breath in a world that is fast paced.



     Yesterday, our family celebrated the first of quite a few Christmas Gatherings. This one was my immediate family, along with Moms parents, her brother, and his wife, and kids. As we all gathered in my parents home, all 16 of us ranging from 65 to 3, our house filled with laughter, smiles, the rich aroma of all the Christmas goodies we love, and soups brought by each family. As we finished our supper we all gathered in the living room for my favorite Christmas Tradition… Pa opened an Old King James Version of the Bible, and read the First Christmas Story… The little ones surrounding him as he read of Mary and Joseph traveling from the City of Nazareth to the Town of Bethlehem, finding a manger because there was no room for them in any of the Inns, and Mary giving birth to the Savior of this World where livestock were typically stalled. Our house grew quiet as we all listened, and reflected on that night so many years ago..



     I am thankful to have parents and grandparents who have set Jesus in the spotlight, at all times, not just Christmas, but 24/7/365. We finished out the night opening presents, and just enjoying our time together. There is no doubt that Christmas is my all time favorite Holiday, I love the story of the birth of Jesus, I love the giving Spirit that comes over so many, the cheer you see in the faces of others, but most importantly I love the time spent with Family, and Friends.



     As the years have flown by, we’ve lost many loved ones, just as everyone does. In my younger years we would go to the Hudson Family Christmas, which consisted of Great Great Aunts, Great Grandpa, Moms Parents, Cousins young and old. In 2008 we lost Great Great Aunt Geneive and Great Grandpa Don, the two who held those Holiday events… I look back on all of the memories my siblings, cousins and I have of the old farm, and can’t help but smile, so many cherished moments with those who have passed, but yet hold a special place in our hearts still today. I am constantly reminded that sweet cherished memories, today, are better than none at all, even if we do miss those individuals. We have so much to look forward to, we have others to make cherished memories with, and someday, God willing, we will be those who our Great Greats Nieces and Nephews, Great Grandkids, and others will have precious memories to cherish for years to come.  Today and Tomorrow will be filled with more Christmas Events, but I truly hope each of you will enjoy every second spent with the family and friends you’re surrounded by, make those sweet memories, cherish the stories you hear, all the sweet smells, and tastes of all the treats you love.

     Wishing Each and Everyone of you the Merriest of Christmas’, remember the true reason for the season, and the price he paid to save each of us!


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