Just a little different…

Our family has been raising cattle since they arrived from Russia and made Lipscomb County home. My Great Grandpa(Harry Born) along with his Dad(Alex Born) and Brother(Leroy Born) hauled the open show road to Albuquerque, Amarillo, Denver, Fort Worth, Jackson, Reno, Louisville and so many others. Pa, and his brothers then got involved, the boys along with their cousin(Jimmy Scheer) continued to run the open road, to all of these shows, hauling elite Hereford Cattle.

While each boy had their own plan for their life, they all stayed involved in the family business until 1987 when the boys split. Pa began raising show steers, while Lynn stayed with the Purebred Herefords, and James began farming. When Pa began raising show steers it was a different adventure, but one that has proven to be worthwhile. Through his 31 years of raising Hereford Show Steers he has raised many bulls that have proven to hold their own. I guess when I think of all that Pa has done to improve our industry it goes far beyond the genetics, the bulls, the cows, and all the champions he has raised, it simply starts with who he is…

My grandpa is a man of true integrity, there is a story I’ve been told by many about how he was known as someone you could have never met, you could call him asking what he had for sale and he would describe them accurately, and truthfully. That person went on to buy that steer, sight unseen, and was thoroughly impressed by how truthful Pa was in describing the steer. His reputation proceeds him, anywhere he goes, whether it be a cattle show or sale, to church, or just a simple run to the feed store.

When it came to family it was simple, he and Macaw raised their kids to do what was right, to work hard at everything they do, and to fight the good fight. Just as Macaw and Pa raised their kids to be that way, my parents have raised us the exact same… My grandparents believed in the future of our industry, but they knew that raising their kids to be honest, hard working individuals who are passionate about the industry they were raised in was of the utmost importance. So here we are… Now six generations deep in the love for Hereford cattle since my brother and his wife have brought a little one into this world.

My siblings carry on this tradition of excellence so to say. They spend time in the barn every single day with their steers. Some days it is just feeding their steers, because of their involvement in school activities. Most days they spend washing, drying, or setting up their steers. It is truly a year long project, and typically have their new show steers before they get show their steers at the Texas Majors. I’ve never seen a drive in younger kids like I do in both Shayne and Sheyenne, those two kids truly love working with their steers day in and day out. Even with Shayne being as involved as he is in sports, he still wouldn’t want to end his days anywhere else than the barn. I would say that’s a true testament to the family my grandparents and parents have raised..

When Pa began to give up clipping we truly didn’t know what the future of our program would be, then Scott came along. He very soon became family to all of us. He clips the sale cattle for Pa, and then also clips the show steers for my siblings. Scott isn’t like the rest, and that is one thing I know for sure. We are so very thankful that God placed him into our lives when he did..

While we move into another season of Texas Majors, it seems almost impossible that the ranch has become what it is today, but I can definitely say that is all due to Gods grace, Pa’s strong work ethic, and his drive to succeed. Our ranch is a family operation, we do everything together, but I believe that is truly what makes us unique. Monday we embark on another Fort Worth trip, another week full of cinnamon rolls, adhesives filling the air, and nerves that are higher than you can imagine, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We truly are blessed…


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