I am Sierra Franks, the second of five kids. A Livestock Photographer, and a livestock enthusiast. To many peoples surprise, I am a cosmetologist, and actually enjoy #SalonLife. I grew up in the Texas Panhandle, around Hereford Cattle, and in a show ring. Our family raises and sells high quality Hereford steers and heifers to the youth of America. I travel the United States 80% of the year to livestock events. Many hours are spent either in my car or on a plane, giving me hours to write, think, or read. Part of the reason I created this blog. Another part being, I am constantly having something crazy happen to or around me. I figured this would be the best way to keep friends and family updated on all of my travels, life lessons, and crazy thoughts. So buckle in, its sure to be a wild one! Thanks for joining me on this journey!